Get ready for our action now, danger boy, as we cross the border into Aeon Flux for our Craft Disservices movie segment! Our “Theron Back Again” celebration continues as we look at the 2005 film, and the MTV cartoon that inspired it! Plus, San Diego Comic Con has come again and we’ve got a Baja Blast of news from the show, including analysis of the hot trailers of even hotter upcoming shows and films! Also, straight from CONvergence 2017, we’ve got interviews with authors Emma Bull, Naomi Kritzer, and Lyda Morehouse, along with nerd news, Jack White Kung Fu, the Hardwick to Ford spectrum, and the Cloud City Darth Vader Turkey Dinner Room! This show is 50 pounds of bath beads in a 5 pound bag! And such small portions!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s on the show:

00:26 Celebrity Deaths
15:19 San Diego Comic Con News
32:50 SDCC Trailers
46:20 Emma Bull CVG2017 interview
1:03:04 Valerian review
1:23:57 Naomi Kritzer and Lyda Morehouse CVG2017 interview
1:37:52 Aeon Flux cartoon discussion
1:54:30 Craft Disservices – Aeon Flux (2005)

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