Morning News Muffin Basket

But it’s been pretty picked over. All that’s left is bran and like a walnut…something?

Neill Blomkamp is supposedly directing a new Alien film. Question, Neill: why so many ‘L’s? And a follow up: you know androids aren’t robots, right?


There’s always casting news in these dark times of ours (Rumer Willis to play Jane McClane in Die Hard reboot set in an Ulta beauty store; welcome to the Avon Party, pal!) and today is no different. Morena Baccarin, she of the smoky eyes and confusing name, is set to play the love interest in the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool film. Level with me; he’s not even gonna be tumor-faced, is he? You don’t cast Ryan Reynolds and not give ladies the punem, eh? No character name for Monica yet, but love interest might mean Copycat or Syren or Shiklah? Eh, look ’em up, noob.

Via Variety

Whoops, told you there’s always more. Kodi Smit-McPhee, who is either the kid from The Road or the house elf for Ravenclaw, has been cast as young Nightcrawler in X-Men: Apocalypse. This is before he turns into Jake Gyllenhall, I’m assuming. There’s also some concept art that’s been leaked online, though when the director does it, it’s less leak and more “OH WHOOPS LOOK WHAT I DROPPED I HOPE NO ONE SEES THIS WHAT DO YOU MEAN LOWER MY VOICE”.

Via Screen Rant

Aaaaand because in an apocalypse, *someone* has to get apocalypted (ed. NOT a word), Daniel Cudmore will no longer be playing Colossus when the character appears in Deadpool in 2016. He played the character (I guess; not a lot of screen time) in X2 and X-Men: the Brett Rather one. So long, guy whose name I forgot already!


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