NEW FEATURE – Help! I Can’t Like Things!

Is it age? Is it a chemical imbalance? Is it demon possession? Always looking out for that last one . . .

I’ve got this thing recently where I am just not digging much all the wealth of nerdy content we’re continually hit with. That sequel you loved? I say meh. That reboot you were looking forward to? I say it should’ve stayed dead.

I think it’s a feature of any system that when you get an over-saturation of content, the overall quality is gonna go down. After all, think of all the movies you’ve seen: how many of them were exceptional? I’m willing to guess a small percent . . . but yet, the next superhero whatever comes out and we’re all ready to call it the greatest movie known to humankind.

I know no one wants to poke at the bubble; we’re all aware how good we have it currently when nerd properties have been SO BAD in the past (Spawn, let’s say). But creators and studios not taking the material seriously is how we got to Spawn in the first place.

So, in an attempt to stay relatively positive and keep general toxicity out of the show reservoir, I’m launching this new series, where I take an honest look at the geeky properties that are currently on the stands or in the theaters. I’m not trying to go full “get off my lawn”, but I’m looking to present honest assessments that look beyond how lucky we are to have a Micronauts movie or whatever.

This will be a weekly column, or at least as frequent as there are things to talk about, so stay tuned. And stay critical!

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